Achieving a Sub 3s Global Page Load Time.

We didn’t know if it could be done but the page above loads in less than three seconds for all major markets.

The images are of browsers located globally with video captured of their screens as they load the contents. Frames are then extracted and combined to make the video above. Illustrating the global performance of the site.

The video and times in seconds are of the median of five initial loads of a 179K page made up of 13 requests. The site uses distributed global DNS, a multiply homed content delivery network as well as multiple dynamic servers distributed across a series of locations. To complicate matters a little the page uses dynamic fonts from a US based third party provider (other than in China, India and Africa) and despite this manages the page load times indicated. The slightly longer time for Seoul is because the CDN despite having nodes in South Korea was confirming concurrency with a server in Singapore. The Seoul times could be brought into line with the other response times by homing a CDN in Japan and using it as a more local source than Singapore. Similarly the times for Russia can be slightly improved if that was a requirement.

The reload times even for the worst case (Seoul) are 0.143s for the document to be complete and 0.360s for the page to be fully loaded. So subsequent median page visits are sub second.

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