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Achieving a Sub 3s Global Page Load Time.

We didn’t know if it could be done but the page above loads in less than three seconds for all major markets. The images are of browsers located globally with video captured of their screens as they load the contents. Frames are then extracted and combined to make the video above. Illustrating the global performance […]


Extended Plan: 155 ms Global Response Time.

At $390 / month the Extended Plan provides great global coverage by adding a data center in China’s Special Autonomous Regions to improve service to China, South Korea and the Philippines. It also adds Lagos to provide excellent service in the most populous country in Africa as well as improved service to the West Coast […]


Multi Datacenter USA : 50 ms response times.

$49 / month with annual billing. This plan uses multiple US datacenters for dynamic content and databases to achieve a 50ms US response time and a response time below 100ms in Canada. There is still a global reach with a response time typically of under 300ms. In particular response times to China, Japan and Australia […]


Global Hosting : 200ms Response Globally

$290 / month with annual billing. Using data centers in: London US (East) US (West) Dubai Singapore São Paulo It is possible to reach all major global markets with a round trip latency of under 200 ms. This allows local dynamic content, including databases on physical servers in each location with additional CDNs reducing the […]


International Plan: 350ms Response Globally

Less than $58 / month with annual billing. Using Data Centers in the USA and UK it is possibly to achieve a 350ms typical response time globally. US (East) London Many organizations find that dynamic content such as databases can be hosted in just two locations globally and still reach everybody with an acceptable response […]


Should a Small Business Run a Server?

There was a time when every office was an island held to others by the most tenuous of connections to the rest of the world. In this environment files and mail can only be viewed rapidly and conveniently by storing the files and mails within your own four walls. For most small businesses who are […]


Getting what you need from your website

Working with an advertising agency or well known digital media company isn’t an option for most small businesses. The strategy and the time needed to work with the provider often fall to the business owner. The technical questions can be resolved by the vendor but the strategy needs a wider perspective. To choose the best […]


Data Entry Form

Data Entry forms allow you to collect information in a structured way and to standardize your internal processes. It can also form part of an informational site to educate the client in a constructive manner. The user is presented with an editable online form with default values and context incentive help. The forms can be […]


Logo Design

Need to create a logo for your new business or to revamp your existing brand. We will discuss your business with you to understand what you would need to communicate with your brand. We then spend a week producing five designs for your review. Your selected logo is then provided to you in a variety […]